Thursday 6th August 2020


Welcome to the book section. The books I have written are quite short, their purpose being to challange and provoke thoughts that leads the reader back to the Lord and to look further into the Word of God.

Of late I have felt very challenged to give the books away, it doesn't make economic sense but then the Lords ways often don't so the PDF versions are available for instant download and there is a form to order printed versions.

I hope whatever version you choose they will be a blessing.

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park An easy to read book covering the basics of Christianity in short chapters. ideal for new believers or those wondering what Christianity is all about.

ISBN: 9780957698802

Author: Simon Coward

Number of Pages: 44

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The Faceless Church

The Faceless Church Do we as the church, the body of Christ bring him the glory and honour he so much deserves? This book looks at some of the key issues the church faces both in how it operates internally as well as how it reaches out to the world.


Author: Simon Coward

Number of Pages: 54

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The Spiritual Man

The Spiritual Man "The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed." Romans 8v19 So often we talk about walking according to the Spirit or being led by the Spirit when we really have little idea what these terms mean. This short book looks at some of our attitudes and behaviours and challenges what is being led of the Holy Spirit and what is being led of the flesh and how can we change how we are led.

ISBN: 9780957698819

Author: Simon Coward

Number of Pages: 42

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Letter 14: Living within the walls

When Nehemiah made his initial survey of the city walls (Nehemiah 2v17-18) the task to rebuild must have seemed huge. The destruction, the rubble that lay in the way, the ruined materials and the need to build new gates would in themselves all... (read more)

Letter 13: Rebuilding the walls Part 3

Exodus 13v1-16

This week we will continue look at some of the issues around rebuilding of the spiritual walls of our lives and in turn the church, but before we look at some of the problems that can arise, we need to take a close look at o... (read more)

Letter 12: Rebuilding the walls Part 2

Last week we started to look at the idea of building walls and their purpose of keeping the enemy out of the city, figuratively our lives and our churches. We saw how Jerusalem was seen to be in great trouble and distress (Nehemiah 1v3) because thes... (read more)

Letter 11: Rebuilding the walls Part 1

Nehemiah 1v1-11

Last week we looked at the return of the Israelites from captivity and how they started at the altar of sacrifice and then around that altar built the temple of God .

It would be nice to think that that was the end of ... (read more)